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The Extracurricular that is Perfect for an Aspiring Senator

Model Congress is a simulation of the congress of the United States where the students are offered an opportunity of acting as members of Congress and also given the tasks of solving a challenge that is simulated while they follow a procedure that is parliamentary. Normally, the events are performed at the level of high school, even though some middle school and intercollegiate events also take place. At specific schools, Model Congress can be connected to a given government, history, or politics course and while in others it is taken as an extracurricular activity.

There are a number of activities that students actually do in the Model Congress Conference. Initially, the formation of the conference was an outlet for students that are engaged academically and did not have the interest of participating in sports. However, today students are coming together in high schools and colleges so that they can debate pieces of legislation just the same way as the actual Congress does. Students can have roles that are different on various committees that are a reflection of the House of Representatives or the United States Senate. There are coordinators of the programs who normally assign topics that the students will have a debate on depending on the committee that is designated.

It is beneficial for a student to make a choice of Model Congress as one of the extracurricular. In the case that a person is interested in fields that are related to government, law, and even political science, Model Congress is an activity that is great to assist in developing skills in the fields and also helps in demonstrating the commitment and interest of a person. Additionally, Model Congress assists a person in developing other skills like debating, public speaking, writing, researching, and understanding the procedures that take place in the parliament. Also, it gives an individual an opportunity of demonstrating leadership, winning awards and being able to be distinguished on the applications of colleges by the commitments and participation that s extended.

The procedures of Mode Congress mock the procedures that are parliamentary. The staff members who are part of the committee of planning offers background guides on given topics and are in charge of moderating the debate for students that are in high schools that take the roles of different actors in politics. Thus, the aim of Model Congress is educating students about public affairs and equipping them with public speaking that is essential and social skills.

Considering that the emphasis of Model Congress is on the passage of bills, it is a method that keeps consistent with the real functions of the United States Congress. Therefore, the students are able to collaborate and deliberate on writing pieces of legislation that address given topics that have effects on society. The students are trained to have debates that are concrete and also driven towards solutions that are specific. The students are offered a chance of crafting solutions that are effective.

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